Why the World Needs Burly

During a time when divorce, abortion, and sex trafficking are at the highest they have ever been, the world needs Burly.
Why is all of this happening you ask?
It’s a lack of men stepping up to be what God has called them to be.
Men that run from responsibility and therefore leave society to figure out what is right and what is wrong.
Where does this problem start? 
When a man decides to leave his wife, he also leaves a path of destruction.
The life of the wife and children will never be the same.
We have boys who are being raised by their moms, and yet any man will tell you a woman cannot teach a boy how to become a man.
Men were created to protect, provide and lead.
Instead, they are being taught to nurture.
My story:
Addicted to porn, failing in college, and the loneliest I have ever been. (recently cheated on)
I found hope.
I came to a church where I saw the healthiest families I had ever seen. Men, that laid down their lives for their wives, men that knew their purpose, men that were working hard and loving it.
It was as if I was a bug drawn to the light by the way these men lived their lives, and I knew that I wanted what these men had.
Desperate for answers, I did one of the hardest things I have ever done, ask.
The moment I asked, while it felt incredibly vulnerable admitting “I don’t know” at the same time I was set free!
Set free from pretending to have it all together, set free from my ego and set free from continuing on this path of destruction.
The craziest thing began to happen, I would ask for advice, then I would listen to it, AND IT WORKED!
All I could say was “teach me how to get what you have!” And the men I was asking were so willing to give advice. My life and perspectives began to change radically.
Now, I am married, have three amazing children (one in the womb) love to work and pour myself out for the sake of raising other men to follow suit. I know that my impact on the world starts here. <—side-note this seems like a microwave process, but it’s been ten years, just to be clear.
I don’t pretend to know everything, what I do know is there is someone I can ask who can help me and in that, I am Burly.
When I ask, I am fighting for my family and my future.
Here are some questions to ask yourself to identify if you have been a victim or if you have wounds that need healing:
  • Do you fear commitment?
  • Do you struggle with addiction?
  • Do you feel you lack purpose?
  • Do you lack confidence?
What’s the solution?
The solution is easy.
If you recognize you struggle with being a man, you have no idea how to protect, provide or lead, it’s not too late.
My advice to you is simple, cling to a father. (It doesn’t have to be your own, AND it probably won’t be)
One of the hardest things for a man to do is to ask for help because it makes you vulnerable, you are admitting “I don’t know.”
However, there is nothing more manly than asking for help, in the moment you ask for help you are fighting, fighting for your wife, fighting for your kids, fighting for your future.
My plea:
If you are married and considering divorce, I would plead with you to reconsider. The path of destruction you will leave is too great. The devastation in both your wife and your children’s lives is detrimental.
If the thought of divorce has crossed your mind, would you do me a favor and open up to a father and talk through it?
Marriage is hard, but it is worth it. I haven’t met a married couple that hasn’t gone through tough times, but its worth it.
It will be worth it when you get past this fight; it will be worth it when you see your children grown and flourishing. It will be worth it when your old and can look back on a lifetime of memories.
Marriage is worth fighting for, so begin by asking for help and fight for it with everything in you!
Making an impact on this world starts with your own home.
Keep being Burly! 

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